Lately, i am feeling not very well, my body, even my mind. I’ve been thinking somethings that really bothering me all the time. But in the end (mm, alright, its not that very end), I think I just waste the time thought about it. I think, people always come and go in somebody’s life and I’d rather not think too complicated about something that had been happened to me. Just have a better side of yourself and not to think too much about someone’s opinion about you (not that you are allowed to do something wrong for sure) . Well, I guess, I’m just missing my beloved mother at home very much and I want to sleep beside her all the night in the rest of my life. I am missing my father too, the man the one who always encourage me to do everything with a great confidence, no matter people say about me. Not to give up in many ways that I still can do the best to get my highest dream. To be a great lecturer (it was his dream, my father’s dream) and I am definately want to fulfill his dream about me. To study in no where place that very far from home (I am sure that it will be The Netherlands…amien).
but still, I ‘ve been thinking about something, such a mysterious one.

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