Migration, Data Mining, Visualization and Information System

Last two days I’ve submitted my essay for the World Bank Essay Competition 2011 — with topic Youth Migration. The topic is about how youth perceived benefits about migration that increased ooportunities for young people (education, jobs, etc.) And what actions can we recommend for broadening opportunities for young migrants in their countries of destination and their countries of origin? Here it is my Summary or Abstract for the essay:


Migration has been the part of human history since ages. Migration from rural to urban places has brought many problems to mega cities in development world like Jakarta. The problem will rise starting from rapid human rural-urban movement. These mega cities will suffer complications from: “rapid urban expansion—pollution, public health, slums, crime, unemployment, sprawl, corruption, traffic—all of which are aggravated by the fact that most of these cities’ citizens live in deep poverty” (Walljasper, 2010). I proposed the idea about interactive data mining,visualization and information system to help solving the problem. A city needs a good governance and need trustful data about its condition. The data will help Government to take various decisions making about their cities and to help them to see big picture of what happening in their city currently. When the data are gathered, the continuity for action is needed in every profile, so that the problems occur in any situations can be resolved.

(Irmasari Hafidz, 2011)


Somehow, I feel like I’m too push up my own topic with the topic above, but at least that was the idea in my mind. In my mind, Indonesia is very lack of trustful data that somehow Government didn’t know the real situation in the field. Obvious example is, the Government seems didnt really care about the how many children that still living in the street, become the part of child abuse (and had to work during the days)  and not in the right place to have a proper education. If they don’t have money, why just not build free school for them. Why the Government can’t protect their own citizen? In Germany, people don’t have to pay their tuition fee, there’s no such thing of reason you’re not going to school — unless you are lazy.

I proposed about the help of Data Mining, to be the input for Data Visualization, to help Government, first to know what are their current situation of their region, started from Kelurahan–Kecamatan–Kabupaten–Kota–Propinsi — and second in decision making about what are the actions to be made according to these data visualization and data mapping through the city. The data will be the input for data visualization to see interactively the condition in a region: how’s their current energy status? how good the water in the area? are there enough tree and reservation for rain water? how’s the housing-development condition? how’s the waste management in the region of Kabupaten/ Kotamadya/ Kota/ Propinsi?

A city truly needs a good governance and management, and need trustful data about its condition. The trustful data need to be gathered, and then with these data Government will make a profile about it. This data is a trustful data from the government from each region/sub-urban place in terms of 9 subjects, including:

  1. PEOPLE Profile (the data is about people data related with age, skill, unemployment data, and industrial data, to match the profile about what are the job market, and what are training/ schools/ university that can push up the fresh graduate to help fulfill the demand.)
  2. ENERGY Profile (data about electricity and water profile) and WASTE management in each city.
  3. Unique features (relate with the unique features of each area from a city, such as: Tourism, Agricultural, Marine, until the profile about Nature & Risk Disaster Region area),
  4. TRANSPORTATION data and transportation data traffic,
  5. PUBLIC Infrastructure and management
  6. EDUCATION Profile (relate with data about university and training institution, graduation profile)
  7. DISTRICT Library (relate with current data public library in the town, With the goal: Providing 2-3 mega library at least in each Kabupaten/Kotamadya). In fact the library is there, just none of them going there, anymore. Who wants to go in a building which is dusty and there’s no internet connection?
  8. PUBLIC space and lands (relate with data about parks, public lands, city forest)
  9. HOUSING profile (relate with data about people with low income and need affordable housing, the Government in need to build the sustainable design for many people who need it)

That was the idea my mind–well maybe it’s a bit too general, but what can I give in detail for 4000 words essay. That was about 10 pages (mine just 8), but its already 3954 words. I didn’t add many details about it, but that was the main thought that pop up in my mind. It was not fancy enough.

I also talked about how the development disparities happening in towns in Indonesia, that boost up the rural-urban migration to the city. At least that was happen in China, the data I found told that about 75% young or youth that educated abroad didn’t want going back to China because they are already settled and well paid abroad, they want to feel the enjoyment of a good quality of life. Sure that is not surprising enough.

Mega cities like Paris, Amsterdam, London have really good city management and governance, they care about sustainability, the environment, their people, the supply for energy, etc. What else to make a better city management? Sure, first of all, Government need to have the trustful data about their city condition, so that they could manage every part of the city to be more determined and magnificent. I do not hope for winning — I re-read my essay. and the result is errrrr…. ehehe oh please — if I had the chance, I will re-write it, but at least I already submitted it. I hope for the best. If I didn’t win, then at least I already put my idea on a piece of writing. The more important idea is at least I TRY..!



  1. Even thought it was felt deviated from the topic. But your exploration in city development area is something that cities in Indonesia need to to take notice indeed. Who know’s next year topic, the idea came from you 🙂

  2. Gak papa deh deviasi dikit. emang lagi error kok.. wkwkwkw, lho ini namanya ngepas2in topic sama bidang yg digeluti.. harus itu bang.. :p

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