Rue Royale at Festival a/d Werf – Utrecht, NL

So my habit and passion for music will never die. Yesterday I was checking my timeline at twitter and read twitter status from Rue Royale that they will play one gig at Utrecht. *a bit shock and exciting and directly decided going there around 4 o’clock* Oh yeah and for real, I don’t waste my time, just directly go there after this slavery-work-thesis-place from Zilverling–in a rush at my bike going to home first… for sure to get the most important thing in the world after my thesis now–that is the camera! … and then directly go to Enschede centraal station going to Utrecht for about 1 hour 45 minutes.

The rush was being paid really worthy. I talked to Ruth and Brookln and buy their new album which is (again) beautifully hand made by them selves. Dear oh dear, how can you not love them?

So, dear Ruth and Brookln, would you mind to go to Indonesia?



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