Liking and …buffing?

So I was reading someone else’s timeline and lead me to this.

It’s a long story, but basically I fell in love with birds. I did this not without significant resistance, because it’s very uncool to be a birdwatcher, because anything that betrays real passion is by definition uncool.

It was Jonathan Franzen on op-ed column in NYTimes about these whole idea of social network, youtube, twitter, facebook (like option literally) , your iphone, blackberry, you name it and stuff like that. I believe we forget such things which makes our life is a real now.

CALL ME INSANE for talking about this.

We do change our way of life these days (especially in Indonesia), coming to an era that when Rebecca Black song or Justin Bieber having a concert in Jakarta and he reported that Chuck Norris guy — is more than important than education for children, or poverty, or water quality, or the rotten media and journalism in Indonesia or corruption… you name it, I don’t know.

If I do remember, there are still family, girls and boys in Sidoarjo that became the victim from Lapindo aka LUSI, could not get to school and get their life back as they have it before the “natural accident” happen. LUSI is a lame name, who gives this name? and Is it natural disaster? WAS IT NATURAL DISASTER? Oh c’mon For God sake!

I remember talking to a person I’ve met in Frankfurt, Verena–a German lady that I made a friend from a conference from see-conference last month. She was a bit surprised seeing me (as an Asian, Indonesian) who came all the way from Enschede, couldn’t speak German instead of Ich Liebe Dich or Danke schoen (i only know that). Long story short, we talked pretty much about everything, but and then I suddenly, I talked about how amazed I am that people here do not need to pay their tuition fee for school. Verena said:

“Well, I have three siblings, my parents couldn’t afford the education if we have to pay that much. That is why the government have that rules, Irma. Well basically not all education level or every school but thats common in here. How can you pay such a high tuition fees if your parents don’t have that much money..? Like in the US? Tuition fee is like crazy..”

Oh Yes exactly. Most Indonesian don’t earn much. My parents, luckily can educate me well. “Hows in Indonesia then?” She asked me again. I answered “Well unfortunately, not everyone can get a good education because they’re also not having the money”. And then she replied “So, in other words, the government want to make their citizen more dumb?” I smiled and say nothing.

It was pretty crazy discussion with Verena. If I remember another things in Indonesia was oh sorry, Indonesia is a tropical country. Pretty hot, isn’t it? Why we don’t plant lots of tree instead of keep building those gigantic malls? We tend to forget that what makes the earth “cool” is the trees and having real wind coming at you, and not buying some new air conditioner at home. (Am i crazy saying these things?)

Last but not least, I believe, the sentence from Jonathan is the most beautiful sentence–since I read what I believe the other last beautiful sentence from what I believe is other beautiful piece of a writing. Oh and by the way, compare to blackberry, i prefer Goji-berry body lotion from Etos for 2,5 Eur (yes, everything came from China-include this cute goji berry) ..and it smelled sooooooooo good. Like really really good!

Thank you God for creating this goji-berry fruit!

ps: Buff (noun); means expert, connoisseur, enthusiast, fan, fanatic, admirer, devotee, addict. You should fond of something real, like apple pie, shouldn’t you? I’m out of here. Bake some cake will be a nice one.



    1. The answer is… we need the money to build and subsidize and facilitate the development, education, infrastructure, etc. And noble people.. we couldn’t live as corrupt as we are now abang. It’s too hard when we have those level of corruption–and we want to have really good education and development.


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